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Introducing a new blog

June 1, 2014

Recently I have really struggled to find time to write posts on this blog. When I do, I find myself eating into time that I should be spending on other things. I need to discipline myself and spend less time blogging. As a way of helping me to do this, I’ve created a new blog – 40minuteblogposts. In the style of writing tasks in popular English language exams (you know the kind), posts on this blog will be written in a maximum of 40 minutes. 

I’ve found that the best thing about blogging is the chance it gives to hear other people’s view. I’d therefore like 40minuteblogposts to be as interactive as possible. As well as commenting on the content of the answers, people can post “writing tasks”, and they can also answer tasks themselves and have them posted. We’ll see how it goes, but it might be quite fun if a few people get involved. 

I’ll keep this blog open in the meantime, and will probably continue to post on it if I feel I need to say something, erm, long-winded. But please visit 40minuteblogposts and get involved.


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