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IATEFL 2022: Joint Presentation with Christine Nanguy

June 1, 2022

At this year’s IATEFL conference in Belfast I gave a joint presentation with Christine Nanguy, who works as an ESOL practitioner in the Community Learning and Development sector in Glasgow, and who is also a graduate of the MEd TESOL programme that I work on at University of the West of Scotland. Our talk asked the question ‘do global coursebooks promote discriminatory ideologies?’ – a question we had both found ourselves engaging with separately for many years in our respective ESOL contexts, where we were often required or expected to use these kinds of materials. We had previously done a small-scale study of global coursebooks using UK equalities legislation as an analytical framework, and an article summarising and discussing our findings was published here. Our talk at IATEFL gave a brief overview of this study, before offering some alternative examples of copyright-free inclusive images that can be used to devise tasks that are less likely to promote uncritical acceptance of the values that are often prevalent – whether overtly or more subtly – in global coursebooks.

The slides that we used in our IATEFL talk can be viewed here:

In the past I have added audio commentary to presentation slides when I put them on this blog but, as we hope to publish further on this topic elsewhere, we’re just putting the slides up for now. You can read the article that was previously published, and watch this space for more from us on this topic. Of course, if you would like to make any comments then please do so below.

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