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Exploring ELT as Emancipatory Practice

April 14, 2018

Here is a link to the talk I gave at IATEFL 2018 in Brighton, plus a copy of the slides I used. I am grateful to IATEFL for the opportunity to present these ideas, and to the British Council for filming it.

As always, I welcome any comments.

IATEFL18 Final

Exploring ELT as Emancipatory Practice

or try this link?

Don’t bother with the link below – it seems to have been removed from YouTube now.

  1. Enrique Meoniz permalink

    Hi, Steve! Very interesting talk. I haven’t seen this type of topics being frequently addessed, like critical pedagogy, for obvious reasons. In my EFl classroom, and with CP in my mind, I try to address social issues with my strudents, such as gender violence, or rather violence against women, which is a socio-political topic that most women suffer. Talking about these issues is not going to change the world overnight, but we teachers should engage (emphasis on this word, as you said) in starting to discuss and, if possible, try to change students’ realities in a freirean sense. I hope to attend your talks some day. Greeting from Argentina! Enrique

  2. Any ideas why the video of your talk has disappeared?

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